Muse Sudi returns; other new Upper House members elected in Jowhar

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Senator Muse Sudi Yalahow won the first seat in the election of members of the Upper House from Hir Shabelle in Jowhar, the capital of the administration.

Senator Muse Sudi defeated Ahmed Hassan Addow (Ahmed Daa’i) in the second round, after the other three candidates were eliminated in the first round. Muse Sudi received 55 votes, while Ahmed Daa’i received 43 votes.

The remaining members of the first round include Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan, who is said to be Villa Somalia’s candidate, and received only 15 votes, showing how HirShabelle residents rejected the plans of Villa Somalia.

Muse Sudi has been in office for the past four years, and will represent HirShabelle state in the upper house for the next four years.

Meanwhile, Senator Nur Mohamed Gedi (An’jeh) became the second senator elected from HirShabelle, with 78 votes, while Senator Fartun Abdulkadir Farah became the third senator elected in Jowhar, and she is also the first woman from HirShabelle State to enter the Upper House.

Elections for three more seats are set to take place in Jowhar tomorrow, while the last two seats will be up for grabs the day after, if the schedule is implemented as planned.

HirShabelle State will be the third state to complete the election of its members to the Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia.

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