Nation mourns as Somali Legendary Poet Hadrawi passes away in Hargeisa

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The famous Somali poet, poet Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame (Hadrawi) died today in Hargeisa, as confirmed by some of his relatives.

According to reports, the legendary poet died of a long-term illness.

Abwan Hadrawi was 79 years old and was widely known in the Somali community.

He was also one of the main pillars of Art and Literature, he composed plays and songs that were patriotic and romantic.

President of Somaliland region Muse Bihi Abdi, who confirmed the death of Abwan Hadrawi, condoled the death to the Somali speaking nation.

Staff at will like to express their condolences and pray that Allah have mercy on the poet.

The head of the federal government of Somalia has also condoled the poet’s death.

Hadrawi was born in Burco, the capital city of Togdheer region in 1943, and was one of the most prominent innovators in Somali society.

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