National Attorney General summons Minister of Petroleum and Minerals regarding ‘suspicious oil deal’

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The Attorney General, Mr. Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud today issued an order to the Minister of Petroleum and Minerals of Somalia Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed.

The prosecutor summoned Minister Abdirashid to come to his office on the 25/04/2022, according to the statement released.

The minister was instructed to arrive on time, which is 11:00 AM, according to a statement from the office of Mr. Suleiman Mohamed.

The prosecutor also announced that the Minister of Petroleum would be questioned about the Petroleum Agreement he signed, between the Somali government’s Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals and Coastline Exploration Limited.

Minister of Petroleum recently unveiled an oil exploration agreement with the US-based Coastline Exploration Limited (Coastline), which has sparked controversy.

Minister Abdirashid also said at the time that President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was aware of the deal, which cost about $7 million.

There has been a lot of debate and skepticism about the agreement, which was announced at a critical time, at a time of transition and elections.

However, the move by the Attorney General comes as Coastline Exploration recently rejects the decision by senior government officials to oppose the agreement signed by the Minister of Petroleum in Istanbul, Turkey and argued that the agreement signed with the Somali Minister of Petroleum and Minerals was correct.


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