National Consultative Assembly convenes in Mogadishu

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, today headed a special joint sitting of the National Consultative Assembly Forum in Mogadishu.

The conference was inaugurated by Prime Minister Roble and was attended by leaders from Puntland, Jubbaland, Southwest, Galmudug, HirShabelle and the governor of Banadir region.

Most of this conference will focus on three major issues, but there may be other minor issues, namely;

1- The general security of the country, and how to transfer it to the prime minister
2- Correction of the electoral process, which is riddled with corruption
3- To conclude the election of the House of the People of Somalia in a timely manner.

A brief statement from the Prime Minister’s Office described the opening of the conference at a “critical time”.

“Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble chaired a meeting of the National Consultative Assembly in Mogadishu, which focused on security and the acceleration of elections, transparency and regulation in the run-up to the Parliamentary elections,” the statement said. 

On the other hand, the prospects for success in today’s conference are slim, with regional presidents loyal to Mohamed abdullahi Farmajo believed to be thwarting several plans by the former president to sabotage the National Consultative Assembly.

However, with the situation in the country beong dire, the Somali people are keeping a close eye on the outcome of the consultative meeting.

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