National Consultative Conference: Election Procedures released

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The National Consultative Assembly has issued a statement at a meeting held in Mogadishu over the past two days, which had been in finalizing the elections in Somalia.

The statement of the National Consultative Council produced 7-agreed procedures and agreements on elections, namely:

1– Procedures for Promoting Electoral Transparency
2– Election Financial Management Procedures
3– Electoral Selection Process
4– Election Security Procedures
5– Procedures for Protecting Women’s Quota
6- The process of electing members of the Upper House of Somaliland
7 – The work of the Technical Consultants of the National Consultative Assembly.

The Council agreed that the Electoral Delegates to the House of the People should select the recorders, government-registered elders and civil society, which will be verified by the Federal Electoral Commission.

The Somaliland delegation will also be selected by a consortium of elders and civil society, which will be verified by the Somaliland Electoral Commission and Prime Minister Roble’s office.

The council, in accordance with the May 27th agreement, decided to create a 10-member electoral security committee comprising of the state administration, the Somali Police Force and the office of the prime minister.

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