National Consultative Council meeting announced in Mogadishu

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 Somali government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Maalimuu said a national consultative meeting of heads of state will open on August 21st at the Aficio Tent in Mogadishu.

“The National Consultative Council meeting will officially open on Saturday, August 21 with the participation of Heads of State and the Governor of Benadir Region. The meeting will be chaired by Prime Minister Roble.

“It will discuss the preparations for the parliamentary elections, the preparation of the election procedures, the search for the remaining funds for the uncontested elections and how to move forward,” said Maalimuu’s government spokesman.

The presidents of South West and Galmudug states arrived in Mogadishu yesterday afternoon, and the other presidents of Puntland and Jubbaland are expected to arrive in Mogadishu in the coming hours.

The meeting tomorrow between state and federal leaders will seek to accelerate the completion of the electoral process.

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