February 3, 2023

NISA ‘kills’ 12 Al Shabaab members in Mogadishu

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A brief statement released by NISA on its Twitter account stated that 12 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed by security forces in Mogadishu.

The statement said the target was 15 Al Shabaab members, but that 12 of them had been killed.

“A special operation targeted 15 Al shabab officers in charge of disrupting security in the capital Mogadishu. Twelve terrorists were killed. It is a national duty to protect the security and safety of the Somali people, ”the NISA statement said.

The agency did not specify the exact location of the operation, which killed 12 people, except to say that the operation took place in Mogadishu.

The NISA statement also did not specify whether the other three members had been captured or escaped, as it stated only that 12 of the 15 Al Shabaab members had been killed.

No one independent of NISA has yet confirmed the killing of the 12 Al-Shabaab militants, and the exact location of the operation has not yet been determined.

NISA has intensified operations in Mogadishu in recent days.

Three al-Shabaab operatives have been arrested in an operation in Mogadishu three days ago.

The intelligence agency also said that the forces had seized an al-Shabaab weapons cache, which contained a variety of weapons and explosives used in bombing campaigns by the terorst group, according to the statement.

NISA, on the other hand, thanked the public for sharing information and cooperating with the operation.

“NISA is always grateful to the Somali community for working with the National Intelligence Service,” NISA said.

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