”Nothing was personal; all is forgiven” – Former President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed

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The Union of Candidates has welcomed the agreement reached on electoral issues following the formal signing of the election agreement today in Mogadishu.

The chairman of the candidates’ union and former Somali president Sharif Sheikh Ahmed said at the closing ceremony of the consultative meeting that they welcomed the agreement and called for the agreement to be implemented.

“We welcome the agreement that has ended the fears and anxieties of the Somali people and politicians, and it is important that we establish a democratic system and that what is agreed upon is not violated,” said Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

Sheikh Sharif called on the federal and state governments to implement the agreement.

“Reaching an agreement is easy. We must implement the agreement reached for the election to take place. We call on the constituencies to elect people who can represent the government,” he added.

Former President Sheikh Sharif also said on the podium that the tensions in the past few months could have been avoided and called for forgiveness so that the elections could be held without any suspicion.

“It was a political dispute. There was no tribal conflict. An agreement has been reached. We must forgive each other and open the election without any bias. It was a political vision conflict, that’s all ”said Sheikh Sharif.

Finally, the Former President Sheikh Sharif and chairman of the Union of Candidates, apologized to the Somali public for the turmoil that had occurred in the country in recent months following differences over the election.

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