Official traditional elders issue 4 points on electoral process

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The traditional Somali elders who formed the Federal Government of Somalia have strongly opposed the Parliamentary election process by regional leaders and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble.

A statement from the traditional elders said the elders were the highest reference body in Somali government and it is vital that they are given a role the indirect elections.

“It is unfortunate and surprising that in violation of the laws and regulations of the country, and in an effort to eliminate the role of the elders without any ambiguity ”the statement said.

Traditional elders have raised four issues:

1. The record of the right to select the 5 people who will select the 101 delegates to elect the Members of Parliament; These are the 135 traditional elders who have been approved by the signatories of the previous elections, and the rest of the traditional elders have joined them.

2. As the “People and Voices” general election has not yet taken place and the system of clan representation is still in place, the power to select members of the clans belongs to the traditional leaders and cannot be involved in political affairs. Whoever tries to deter and customary laws in a way that is to confuse the people will not be tolerated. Elders / elders have the authority to decide.

3. We instruct the National Consultative Forum to reconsider all the points of the procedure, especially those whose finances are judged by the delegates are their right to vote.

4. We urge all political parties to adhere to previous agreements, aspirations and personal interests that do not jeopardize the country, which in the past have led to the crisis.

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