August 13, 2022

Overnight Killings take place in Mogadishu; Victims named…

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Two young men were shot dead by gunmen in Warta Nabad district of Benadir region last night.

The first victim was a young man named Abdinur Abdullahi Warsame of Warta Nabada district.

He was shot dead while defending himself against armed robbers outside his home in Mogadishu.

The second victim was a Somali government soldier, of the Haram’ad forces, and took place in Heliwaa district in Banadir region.

Ahmed Abdi Keydsane

The slain soldier was identified as Ahmed Abdi Keydsane, and was killed by other members of the National Intelligence Service (NISA).

Reports say that the deceased, who was accompanied by another soldier, was ambushed by NISA forces and later became involved in a dispute, which resulted in a brief exchange of fire between the two sides.

There was no immediate word from security officials, but the officers behind the killings have reportedly been arrested.

The killings are part of a series of insecurity incidents in Mogadishu in recent days, during the run-up to the elections.

In the past month in Mogadishu alone, dozens of youths have been killed by bandits trying to steal their mobile phones and other belongings, and the killings have yet to be addressed by Somali security forces, adding to the frustration of the capital’s residents.


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