Paediatric surgeons at Medicover perform complicated surgery on Somali baby

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Paediatric surgeons from Hyderabad-based Medicover Women and Child Hospitals have successfully conducted a complex surgery on an 18-month-old-baby boy from Somalia, a press release said.

The baby was admitted to the hospital in a serious health condition due to absence of anal opening and abnormal positioning of urinary track passage. Before reaching Hyderabad for treatment, the baby had undergone surgery twice in Somalia but they were unsuccessful.

Diagnostic tests revealed that the baby had an intermediate type of ano-rectal malformation having a communication to the urethra with abnormal urinary opening in the penis. Because of the nature of the problem, the paediatric surgeons conducted the surgery from the spine area to identify the absence of undescended rectum, which was identified, isolated, and a passage was opened. A patch was placed between the urethra and the rectum after dissection and a new anus was created, the release said.

Dr Madhumohan Reddy, paediatric surgeon said, “The condition with which the baby came to the hospital was critical and we had to thoroughly study the case before deciding on the action plan. The surgery went as planned and the patient is relieved of the problem”.

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