Friends’ hangout turns tragic as Somali student killed

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Somali student dead, two Kenyans injured as their rented car rams into an SUV

One foreign student was killed, and two others were injured in a traffic accident near popular beachfront hangout of the port city late in the early hours of Sunday.

The accident occurred near Ammar Tower in the Do Darya area of Clifton, in which a Somali woman was killed, identified as 21-year-old Omi. The injured include Godin, 21, Neres and Alvin, from Kenya.

The deceased and injured were rushed to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre by ambulance.

Injured Godin said they are friends and students of the Department of Pharmacy at Karachi University and stay in the university’s hostel.

He said that they had come to their friend’s house in Defense Housing Authority (DHA) and were on their way back to the university when the tire of their car burst.

Police said the car collided with an oncoming Prado.

It is reported that the victims rented their vehicle.

Police were trying to contact the Somali consulate to repatriate the deceased’s body to her home country and investigate the incident.

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