December 6, 2021

Parliamentary elections held in Mogadishu & Dhusamareb

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Elections for the lower house parliament had taken place today in both Mogadishu and Dhuusamareb, the state capital of Galmudug.

In Mogadishu, Mohamud Abdirahman Omar, Khadra Ahmed Ibrahim & Abdiqani Mohamed Mohamud contested for the HOP272 seat in the northern regions of Somaliland, with the seat won by Mohamud Abdirahman Omar with 65 votes.

Candidates Khadra Ahmed Ibrahim received 25 votes and Abdiqani Mohamed Mohamud received only 7 votes.

Meanwhile, in Dhusamareb, the election for the Hop104 seat was held for the second deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Mahad Abdalla Awad & Shukri Ali Farah.

Mahad Abdalla Awad won the seat with 84 votes while Shukri Ali Farah did not get any votes, with 17 votes casted as void, according to Galmudug Electoral Commission Chairman Mohamed Dahir Guled.

Staying in Dhusamareb, HOP026 was contested by Yusuf Guelleh Ugas & Abdulkadir Abdullahi, but was won by Yusuf Guelleh Ugas, who had previously been elected to the Upper House but resigned, receiving 82 votes while his rival Abdulkadir Abdullahi received 4 votes.

In the coming days, Mogadishu and Dhusamareb will once again hold parliamentary elections as Somalia seeks to fast track the new members of the lower house parliament.

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