(Photos) A strange foam like substances wash up on Lido beach

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Mogadishu resident woke up to a foamy beach this morning with the shoreline scattered with unknown substances that has attracted the attention of its citizens.

Citizens and business owners say the foam is something new on the beach that has never been seen before.

Some people say that the foam is itchy if it reaches a person’s body, which has caused a lot of anxiety and with people avoiding the beach water.

“It is wierd and we’ve never seen anything like this in our lives. It’s almost as if it was created out on sea but then washed up shores ocvernight. We dont know what it is” said Ali Mohamed, a local resident.

The scene has affected the people who used to swim on the Lido beach every day as most were scared to go to the sea this morning when they saw the foam tubing on the beach.

The Director General of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Mohamud Sheikh Abdullahi, spoke about the snow-capped bubbles seen on Mogadishu’s Lido beach.

The director said the sea foam was a combination of climate change and oil that is poured into the sea. He also said that the waste could lead to the sea spitting contaminated foam, which poses a health risk.

“If you pour a glass of water into the sea and shake it, you will see bubbles and bubbles in the water, because the sea water is a mixture of elements and substances,” he added.

Nevertheless, many residents have raised their concerns with the issue sparking a mixed debate on social media.



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