February 3, 2023

Photos: Al-Shabaab ‘planned’ bombings foiled in Puntland

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Puntland State of Somalia forces have carried out planned operations in the Golis Mountains in the Bari Region.

The operation destroyed al-Shabaab bases in the Golis Mountains.

Officials leading the operation said they had seized explosives prepared by al-Shabaab.

Officials also said they had killed al-Shabaab fighters in the mountains during the operation.

There are no independent sources confirming the Puntland administration’s report that they destroyed al-Shabaab bases and killed the fighters.

Al-Shabaab has strongholds in the Golis Mountains and has repeatedly carried out heavy attacks there with ISIS fighters are also reported to be hiding there.

The operation comes amid a rift between Puntland Security Forces forces trained to fight al-Shabaab and Puntland President Said Deni that has taken a heavy security toll in Bossaso.


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