(Photos) Candidates for the Upper House of South West awarded registration certificate

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The South West State Electoral Commission has today awarded the Certificate of Candidacy to the Upper House for 10 candidates vying for 5 of the 8 South West seats in the Upper House.

President of the South West State of Somalia Abdiaziz Lafta-Gareen released yesterday a list of five seats for the Upper House to be elected in the state and how they will run.

In the South West, 10 members of the Upper House will be elected, and the five seats for their candidates have been announced:

1- Adan Abdinasir Mohamed and Mohamed Hassan Aden.
2- Dr. Hussein Mohamed Dahir and Hassan Mohamed Nur.
3- Zamzam Ibrahim Ali and Sharifo Haji Osman Ibrahim.
4- Mohamud Mohamed Abdinur (Garabeey) and Nur Baabul Adow.
5- Ayaan Adan Abdullahi and Farhiya Nur Adan.

Two of these seats in the South West Upper House election have been reserved for four women candidates.

The anticipated elections are expected to commence tomorrow in Baidoa. 

The South West Administration will be the second to hold Upper House elections after the Jubbaland administration held last Thursday.

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