PHOTOS: Meeting in Mogadishu between the Union of Candidates and Prime Minister Roble underway

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In the Somali capital, Mogadishu, a special meeting is currently underway between Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and opposition candidates to discuss the current situation and elections.

Reports say the meeting has just begun at the prime minister’s residence, and with most members of the opposition are in attendance.

According to sources close to the conference, the parties will focus on issues related to the conference scheduled for the 27th of this month, which will be between Prime Minister Roble, regional administration leaders and the governor of Benadir region.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the conference unless they are invited in the upcoming National Consultative Conference as it discusses the election and the errors in it.

The Council of Candidates Union has already issued a joint statement welcoming the upcoming National Consultative Council meeting in Mogadishu.

This conference comes at a critical time, as there are still concerns about Somalia’s elections, especially regarding those of the House of Representatives.


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