PICTURES; Tigray parades 6,000 captured Ethiopian troops

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Thousands of Ethiopian prisoners of war were paraded in the Tigray regional capital of Makelle on Friday.

Crowds gathered in the streets cheering on happily as the paraded troops were humiliated in their thousands.

Many of the prisoners bowed their heads with their eyes looking into the ground, dazed and defeated.

Displaying the prisoners of war and its intention by the Tigrayn rebels was to deny a statement on Wednesday by Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy, who said rumors’ that the Federal military was defeated in Tigray was false, following the announcement of the ceasefire.

The parade of the detained federal army is an embarrassment to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who said in a speech in Addis Ababa on Tuesday that reports of his troops’ defeat were “false”.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently declared a unilateral ceasefire, citing on humanitarian grounds.

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