Plot to ‘assassinate’ President Erdogan fails miserably

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Turkish security forces have foiled a bomb attack on a rally attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the eastern city of Siirt.

Turkish media reported that a remote-controlled device had been planted in the car of a police officer who was part of a security guard at the rally.

The police officer was sent to pick up his friend, who was also part of the security forces in Mardin, 125 miles from the town of Siirt, according to the Interior Ministry.

When he got home and a friend came out to get in the car he saw something below the car, and the explosion was discovered, the Interior Ministry added.

The bomb disposal unit was called who then removed the explosives from the vehicle without injuring anyone.

Local media are reporting that the plot was to assassinate President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with plans to blow up the car when Erdogan arrives at a rally.

It was not immediately clear who was behind the plot, and no suspects have been arrested.

An investigation is underway.

Turkey has been at war with the Kurdish PKK for many years. There have also been a number of bombings claimed by ISIS in recent years.

Turkey, meanwhile, has been in the grip of an economic crisis in recent days due to the devaluation of the lira, which has lost 44% of its value against the dollar.

This has led to strong inflation, and President Erdogan has insisted that interest rates will not be raised, which economists believe could lower inflation.

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