PM Roble announces lists of all six electoral commissions in the country

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has issued a decree this evening in appointing the committees to conduct elections for the two houses of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Dispute Resolution Committee.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble nominated:

1- Electoral Commissions

2- Dispute Resolution Committees

3- List of State Electoral Commissions

4- List of Somaliland Electoral Commission

5- List of Benadiri Electoral Commission

6- List of Members from The Federal Government included.

Read the full list below of the list of Federal Electoral Commissions and Dispute Resolution Committee (SOMALI)

  2- Liiska Guddiga Doorashooyinka Heer Dowlad Goboleed

 Liiska Guddiga Doorashooyinka Xubnaha Somaliland

 Liiska Guddiga Doorashooyinka Beelaha Banaadiriga

 Liiska Guddiga Xubnaha Dowladda Federaalku ku darayso dowlad goboleedyada


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