PM Roble fires 7 members of Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has fired seven members of the Electoral Disputes Resolution Committee, and appointed seven new members.

Prime Minister Roble accused the expelled members of losing credibility and merging with the political parties contesting the elections in Somalia.

Up to seven members have been suspended, including the chairman of the Electoral Disputes Resolution Committee, Hussein Mohamed Mohamud Laki.

According to information obtained by, the sacked members have joined the campaign for President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Read Prime Minister Roble’s statement below

■ When he saw; Articles 99 and 100 of the Provisional Constitution, taking into account the decisions of the Prime Minister of the Government to guide and conduct the elections.

■ When verified; that members of the Dispute Resolution Committee lost their commission independence by merging with politics and violating the code of conduct for elections.

■ When it is clear; that the Dispute Resolution Committee is in danger of losing the trust of the Somali people and electoral stakeholders to administer fair election grievances.

■ When verified; that the members listed below have used their responsibilities for purposes beyond their mandate, and have ignored the advice and warnings related to refraining from engaging in activities that violate their mandate.

■ Considering: The risk to the actions of these members Election and the stability of the country as a whole

Article 1

The following members have been removed from their posts and membership in the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee:

1. Hussein Laki Mohamed Mohamud
2. Ahmed Said Samatar
3. Mohamed Farah Hersi
4. Nimco Ahmed Abdi
5. Ali Mohamud Farah (Seeko)
6. Abdiramaan Mohamed Ali
7. Mohamed Isse Heybe

Article 2

The following members have been appointed to the Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee, replacing the dismissed members.

1. Ismail Mohamed Ahmed
2. Fardowsa Mataan Bulle
3. Ayaanle Ahmed Abdulle
4. Bashir Ahmed Yusuf
5. Hassan Ahmed Dhisow
6. Ahmed Barre Mohamed
7. Mohamed Awil Warsame

■ Article 3

All electoral commissions at all levels are advised to observe the conduct and transparency of the elections, safeguard their independence and avoid meddling in politics.

■ Article 4

This Law shall come into force upon the signature of the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

Mohamed Hussein Roble – Prime Minister


Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee rejects Prime Minister Roble’s dismissal

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