PM Roble fires FEIT board members and issues election orders

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has fired two members of the Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT) accused of disorderly conduct, and issued directives on the country’s elections.

Read below a statement from The Office of The Prime Minister

Mohamed Hussein Roble, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, commends the efforts of the FEIT Committee and its Chairperson and Secretary General of the House of Representatives in implementing the Swearing-in Session of the 11th House of Representatives. The Prime Minister also congratulates the Members of Parliament who have so far received their Parliamentary Certificates.

The Prime Minister urges the remaining members to receive their parliamentary certificates as soon as possible and prepare for the swearing in of parliamentarians to begin fulfilling their constitutional duties.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister is aware of the irregularities that have taken place in recent days, which were intended to disrupt the implementation of the FEIT Committee swearing in of MPs which shows the willingness of some offices to prevent the completion of the elections the country and divert it.

Now, the Prime Minister is fulfilling his duty to complete the country’s elections, when he sees the actions that are trying to disrupt the implementation of the swearing in of the parliamentarians.

Having seen the letter issued by the Chairman of the FEIT Committee regarding the misconduct of members of the Commission in the conduct of the work of the Commission, the Prime Minister decided to;

Expelled from the board

1. Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Irro replaced by Mr. Irshad Mohamud Sheikh Dahir
2. Abdirahman Abdiaziz Adam replaced by Mr. Hassan Ali Yusuf

Final warnings were also issued to the following members:

1. Yusuf Abdikheyr Abdinur
2. Abdinasir Mohamed Guled
3. Abdijabbar Abdullahi Farah
4. Ahmed Adan Dagaal
5. Sadiyo Hassan Hussein

The Prime Minister warns members of the Armed Forces, civil servants and the government to refrain from acts of intimidation and corruption at various levels of the electoral administration, and legal action will be taken if these actions continue.

The Prime Minister instructs the Somali Police Force Commander to conduct an immediate investigation into this afternoon’s (04/04/2022) attempt by members expelled from the FEIT committee.

The Prime Minister instructs the FEIT Committee to expedite its work and to adhere to the timetable for the registration and swearing in of members of both Houses.

Finally, the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Mohamed Hussein Roble, shares with the people of Somalia the possibility of internal and external alliances to prevent the completion of the electoral process, in order to create insecurity and political instability in the country.

He therefore called on the Somali people to unite and be prepared to prevent such an invasion of the country and the people of Somalia, and to ensure the completion of the elections which are in the final stages.



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