PM Roble hosts virtual meeting for Federal State leaders & members of Union of Candidates opposition

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble tonight chaired a virtual meeting of the National Consultative Assembly (Federal Government & Federal State leaders), which focused on the country’s elections.

According to a statement from Prime Minister Roble’s office in the first phase of the meeting, a report was heard from the Chairman of the Federal Electoral Commission, Mohamed Hassan Irro.

Chairman Irro briefed the parties on the delays in the election schedule, the lack of transparency in the elections and the co-operation required by the Heads of State.

Representatives of the Union of Candidates also attended the virtual meeting, including former Presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Wadajir Party Leader Abdirahman Abdishakur.

Union of Candidates called on the leaders of the National Consultative Assembly to rectify shortcomings in the electoral process and the need to maintain transparency.

The meeting, which took place tonight virtually, announced that a forum would be held in Mogadishu to bring together the leaders of the National Consultative Assembly, to discuss the completion of the elections.

“After lengthy discussions and deliberations, the members of the National Consultative Assembly have agreed to expedite the holding of the by-elections and for the National Consultative Assembly to convene soon to discuss the completion of the elections,” a statement from the office of the Prime Minister said.

The Council of Candidates has already issued a statement denouncing the irregularities in the election, and has called for the election to be postponed , but no one has heeded to their call, prompting them to take their position directly to Roble and regional leaders tonight.

Prime Minister Roble has previously promised to address election grievances in order to appease complaints made by the opposition, but so far has not taken any actions.


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