PM Roble issues resolution on integrity of elections

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Somali government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Maalimuu issued a statement announcing the prime minister’s decision to hold free and fair parliamentary elections in the country.

Spokesman Maalimuu said Mohamed Hussein Roble was committed to maintaining the transparency of the election, in collaboration with regional administrations and other commissions.

“Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble is committed to working with the National Consultative Assembly to ensure the integrity of the election, That is why he has always warned the various electoral commissions and the dispute resolution committee in his meetings to conduct the elections in a transparent manner, ”said Maalimuu.

He also added that there will always be problems and disputes, but it needs to be resolved in accordance with the laws of the land.

“Elections are bound to be disputed, but if mistakes are made, they must be corrected in accordance with the electoral process and not through emotions, and that authority is the responsibility of the commissions,” he said.

He added: “The prime minister is not a jury (in) where he has to deal with every case individually.”

The statement came as a complaint was lodged with the Somali prime minister over the parliamentary elections, after which he met with members of the National Consultative Assembly to discuss the transparency of the 2021 elections.


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