PM Roble reacts to Presidential decree; “Executive powers belong to the government”

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The Prime minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble has released a statement to the Somali people to update the public on the political situation in the country. The Prime Ministers statement came after the President of the Federal Republic Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo released a decree last night in which he froze all activities of government institutions. 

The Prime Minister’s statement instructed ministers to continue their line of duty, in which he used the constitution as a reference, giving him the power to run the state until a new prime minister is instilled after the general elections. 

The prime minister further noted in his statement the progress his government had made since his nomination noting that ”his government took office at a difficult time for Somalia as it faced internal and external tensions, leading to the country’s return to collapse and civil strife.”.

Highlights of the statement read “For Diplomacy; Recognising that Somalia has no interest in undermining its relations with its neighbors and the rest of the world, the Prime Minister made efforts to ensure that Somalia enjoys equitable relations with key countries. In our sister country of Djibouti, we have also initiated talks with Kenya and some Arab countries with which we have diplomatic relations, security, trade, education, or host refugees and Somali residents which is the responsibility of the Somali Government.”

”As these good works continue, there is a need to guide the performance of government institutions to the next level.

The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, in accordance with Article 97, Clause 1 of the Provisional Constitution, the executive power of the Federal Republic shall be vested in the Council of Ministers, which shall act in accordance with the Constitution and shall be the highest executive body in the country” the statement read.

“The executive is also responsible for enforcing the law, maintaining security, protecting the interests of the country and the people of Somalia, and the National Constitution mandates the Federal Government to negotiate foreign aid, trade, treaties or issues. important in relation to international agreements.

According to Article 103 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic, between the date of the general election and the swearing in of a new Prime Minister, the incumbent Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers shall retain office and carry out the normal duties of the Government in a timely manner, and the Prime Minister authorises his Cabinet to carry out their national duties in accordance with the Constitution and eliminates any disruption to the functioning of the Government.”

The statement concluded “Pursuant to the above Constitutional Provisions, the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, instructs all government institutions to carry out their duties in accordance with the Provisional Constitution and to maintain the services provided to the people of Somalia and the protection of public property and interests, remembering and abiding by the decisions of the Prime Minister.”

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2 thoughts on “PM Roble reacts to Presidential decree; “Executive powers belong to the government”

  1. What I don’t understand is why the minster has the power to sell public property I mean don’t the land of theatre owned by the government. Somalia need to recognise we the people as a lot of governments worldwide respect their people.and lands owned by the government. I’m running for president in the coming elections and I would like this news agency to be the first to interview me for my commnets about the government. Thanks

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