PM Roble’s office release milestone achievements of the elections

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, who has been tasked with overseeing Somalia’s elections and security, has made significant progress in overcoming obstacles to holding the upcoming elections, according to a presentation released by the Office of the Prime Minister.

Somalia’s election, which has been marred by uncertainty and almost lead to a full blown conflict in Mogadishu, has taken a dramatic u-turn since the handover of power to Prime Minister Roble.

Although the election schedule has been delayed, preparations are underway for the upper house of parliament, which is expected to begin in some states.

The Office of the Prime Minister of Somalia has released the results of the progress since his inauguration, although the office has declined to disclose the challenges it has faced.

The Somali government, particularly the office of the prime minister, has announced that many achievements have been made, such as the signing of an agreement with the National Electoral Consultative Assembly, the committee appointed by the prime minister to verify the members of the Electoral Commissions, the Prime Minister’s meetings and Candidates have also made great strides in the election commissions at the federal, state and local levels, and in resolving disputes and issuing election schedules in the country.

A letter from Prime Minister Roble’s office summaries all that has happened since the start of the election negotiations, especially since the signing of the election agreement on May 27, 2021.

Read more about the landmark presentation by the Prime Minister’s office below:

May 27 2021: Agreement signed by the National Consultative Assembly on electoral matters.

May 30, 2021: The Prime Minister appoints a committee to verify the members of the Electoral Commissions.

May 31 2021: The Prime Minister receives members of the Candidates Union, including former Presidents, to hear their grievances and suggestions.

June 19 2021: Prime Minister Roble appoints Federal, State and Dispute Resolution Commissions.

June 29 2021: The National Consultative Assembly issues a timetable for the country’s elections.

June 29 2021: Prime Minister Roble appoints Gedo Reconciliation Commission.

July 5 2021: The Prime Minister meets with representatives of the international community to discuss implementation, electoral security and support.

July 7 2021: The Prime Minister travels to Kismayo and Garbaharey for a four-day visit, to complete the reconciliation process in Gedo.

July 21 2021: The Prime Minister announces a resolution on the Gedo issue.

July 22 2021: The Prime Minister meets with the Federal Electoral Implementation Committee and urges them to conduct the elections efficiently and impartially.

July 22 2021: The Prime Minister convenes the Speaker of the Upper House and the Deputy Prime Minister, to resolve their differences in the Northern Region elections.

July 25 2021: The Prime Minister appoints a committee to ensure a 30% quota for women in both Houses of Parliament.

July 25 2021: The Prime Minister meets with the Leaders of the National Consultative Assembly and urges them to expedite the elections, as it is time to begin.

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