SOMALIA: Police arrest suspect in Mogadishu

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Bashir Abdi Hassan is accused of murdering his wife in their home

The Somali Police Force Command has announced the arrest of a man accused of killing his wife on the 4th of this month in Warta Nabada district of Benadir region.

“The Somali Police Force is currently in custody of the accused Bashir Abdi Hassan, who previously killed his wife Salado Farah Ali in Wartanabada District of Benadir Region on June 4, 2021,” said a statement from Somali Police Spokesman Sadiq Adan Ali.

The spokesman’s statement added, “The accused, whose name we have previously released, is Bashir Ali Jama, but, we have learned that his real name is Bashir Abdi Hassan. The accused will face justice, God willing.”

Police did not disclose where the suspect was found, how he was arrested or when.

Bashir Abdi was a teacher at the Hanti-wadaag school in Warta Nabada district.

Relatives of the deceased Salaado Farah Ali said she was stabbed to death, hit on the head and upper body with a metal bar when she was found dead with her hands tied behind her back in what neighbors have called a ”brutal and shocking murder”.

The deceased woman’s family also said that in recent months the couple had not been on good terms with each other and had not spoken to one another with the two families unable to resolve their domestic dispute.

The arrests comes after police had called for a man-hunt for the fugitive earlier this month after he had escaped right after the murder thus evading arrest. 

The relatives of the victim have welcomed the arrest of Bashir Abdi Hassan and have called for him to face justice for murdering Salaado Farah Ali inside the home they shared.

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