Police arrest suspected soldiers behind killing of siblings in Mogadishu

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The Somali Police Force says it has arrested the perpetrators of the assassination of Zakaria Mohamud Hussein and Sowdo Mohamud Hussein in Mogadishu last night.

Somali police spokesman Abdifatah Aden Hassan told a news conference tonight that all the killers were in the custody of security agencies.

“The Somali Police Force shares with the Somali community that after an investigation, they have succeeded in apprehending the suspects in last night’s shooting deaths of Zakariye Mohamud Hussein and Sowda Mohamud Hussein, and we will bring the suspects to justice tomorrow,” said police spokesman Abdifatah.

The spokesman also said that all the suspects in the two cases are being held, and a statement from the police said that Abdiwael Moalim Aden and Dayah Nur Abdi Aden, the men accused of the killings, are in the custody of the security agencies.

Mahad Abdirahman, a Somali Correctional Force officer, was also shot dead by government forces this evening while riding a Bajaj motorcycle near the KM 4 junction in Mogadishu, the second such incident in a row in Mogadishu.

The incidents have become a source of great sorrow for the people of Mogadishu, and according to the latest reports, the bodies of the two siblings have not yet been buried.

The bodies of the siblings killed at the Dabka intersection are still in the morgue, and relatives of the youths have vowed not to bury them until the Somali government brings to justice the soldiers who killed them.


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