Police arrest the perpetrators of today’s attack in Mogadishu

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Somali police have arrested suspects who they say are masterminds of a series of grenade attacks in Mogadishu.

Police spokesman Abdifatah Aden Hassan told state media that the terrorists attacked in Wadajir, Hodan, Howl-wadag and Boondheere districts.

He also confirmed that so far seven people have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

The spokesman said the media would be made aware of the perpetrators of the attack.

The statement comes just hours after terrorist militants carried out grenade bomb attacks in four seperate districts.

In recent weeks, the capital has seen an increase in direct terrorist attacks targeting military bases and other locations, often resulting in casualties.

Earlier this morning, A Somali National Army officer was shot dead by gunmen in Dharkenley district in Benadir region.

The officer, identified as Abdi Dheere, was parking out his car in from a garage at the time of the killing, and the assailants fleeing immediately.

Somali police officers went to the scene of the killing, conducting a search operation for the perpetrators of the killing of the Somali military officer.

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