Police release information on men arrested in Mogadishu and boy who died as a result of torture

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Somalia’s police spokesman has released a list of men accused of robbing pedestrians and commuters in  various districts around Mogadishu and also gave details of a young boy who was tortured by his uncle who died on the 3rd of this month.

Somali police spokesman Sadiq Aden Ali told the media that in the past few hours, security forces have arrested the suspects in connection with the theft of mobile phones.

The spokesman said three of the men were arrested during an operation in Karaan district as the men were in the process of preparing for a robbery, with their weapons and ammunition recovered also displayed.

Two other suspects were arrested in Yaqshid and Abdiaziz districts for robbing civilians, according to the police spokesman.

Meanwhile, the spokesman gave details about the case of Musab Mohamed Hassan, a 4-year-old boy who died on the 3rd of this month after being tortured by his maternal uncle Hassankafi Abdi Jama.

The spokesman said an ongoing investigation had revealed that Muscab had been severely tortured by his uncle, causing him to choke and die.

“The investigation into the boy’s case is concluding to an end and we have found out that he died of suffocation. ”Said Police spokesman Sadiq Adan Ali.

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