Preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections underway in Jowhar

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The Hirshabelle administration is planning to hold parliamentary elections soon, and preparations for the elections are well underway in Jowhar.

In the towns of Jowhar and Beledweyne, where the elections are scheduled to take place, preparations are underway for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Middle Shabelle regional security and political commissioner Mohamud Elmi Rage spoke about the security situation in Jowhar town and preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“Security in Jowhar town is very good, as we know the upper house election ended recently in a peaceful manner, and now we hope that the parliamentary elections will begin, we are well prepared, security in Jowhar district is reliable,” said chairman Rage.

Security in Jowhar has been tightened, with police conducting regular security operations in preparation for the elections.

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