Pres Farmajo’s advisor Abdi Ali Raage repelled from Kismayo airport

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Abdi Ali Rage, a close ally and advisor of the outgoing president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, was turned away from Kismayo airport this morning.

Senior officials at Kismayo airport told media that Abdi Ali Rage was turned away on orders from senior Jubaland officials after boarding a flight from Mogadishu.

Jubbaland security officials have informed the plane carrying Abdi Ali Rage that it could not land in Kismayo, prompting the plane to return to Mogadishu.

Ali Rage, who last year returned as the top advisor on counter-terrorism, has recently had a long feuding conflict with Jubbaland State President Ahmed Islam ‘Ahmed Madobe’.

It is believed that Rage was one of the key elements in the conflict between the Federal Government and the Jubbaland State that hampered the holding of the elections on time.

Kismayo, the capital of the Jubbaland state, is hosting the  Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, who arrived yesterday to expedite the elections and to try and resolve the long-running conflict in the Gedo region.

The advisor, who spoke to media after being returned back to Mogadishu said ”When the plane neared Kismayo and we was about to land, the Pilot received a message ordering him to return due to security concerns. “The pilot told us that the message had reached him and that he had to return to Mogadishu,” said Abdi Ali Rage.

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