President Farmaajo marks Anti-Corruption Day in Somalia

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The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, has attended the inauguration ceremony of the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission within the International Anti-Corruption Law, noting that the Commission is fundamental to good governance and finance of the Country.

“This commission is constitutional. I signed the law on 21 September 2019, and today we are standing for its inauguration” the president noted adding that “This move will encourage opportunities for international investment in our country, economic growth, financial transparency and public confidence in governance.”

The President highlighted the fruitful efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia in the fight against corruption and misappropriation of public funds, highlighting the importance of Somalia’s inclusion in the International Anti-Corruption Law’s, such as: The African Union Anti-Corruption Law, the Arab League Anti-Corruption Law and the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

“The Federal Government of Somalia, in line with the National Plan for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens and the Protection of National Assets, has succeeded in formally joining the International Anti-Corruption Law today.”

The President of the Republic urged the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission to carry out its duties in a patriotic and transparent manner, and also recognized August 14th as the National Anti-Corruption Day of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The event was also attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Court chief, Bashe Yusuf Ahmed, Ministers in the Federal Government of Somalia, Members of the Federal Parliament, Commanders of the Somali Police Force and Corrections, and the Chairman of the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission. 

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