President Farmaajo donates salary to Draught Relief efforts

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The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, has sent a message to the people of Somalia and called for immediate assistance to thier fellow Somalis affected by the drought.

The President pointed out that many parts of the country have been hit by a devastating drought that has claimed lives and local businesses, causing a state of emergency, and called on all government agencies to step up their efforts by responding to the difficult situation in many parts of the country.

“At this difficult time, we must unite to pool our resources to help our brothers and sisters who are suffering from hunger and lack of water.”

It is also important that we continue praying to Allah for rain to be bestowned on the whole country” the President said.

The President, encouraging those affected by the ongoing drought in the country, has donated his presidential salary for November and December to the relief efforts of our fellow Somali people who are suffering from the drought in the country.

The President commended the strong mobilization of the Cabinet to address the crisis caused by the Drought, called on all Somalis to stand up for their brothers and sisters, and called on all civil and private sector to play a similar role such as the cabinet, who recently cut 20% of their wages for Drought Relief Fund.

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