October 6, 2022

President Hassan Sheikh issues statement on the Baxdo attack

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Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has issued a statement condemning today’s attack by Al Shabab in Bahdo area of ​​Galgadud region.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud praised the people of Bahdo for their selfless defense against Al-Shabaab militants who launched a ‘monstrous’ attack on the area this morning.

The President pointed out that the heavy casualties inflicted on Al-Shabaab from community and the Somali National Army shows the determination of the Somali people to be brave and self-sacrificing in the face of terrorism.

“People of Baxdo, this morning you have taught an unforgettable lesson to the terrorists who attacked you. You have sent a message of courage that the days of terrorists hiding in our country are coming to an end,” said a statement from President Hassan Sheikh’s office.

The President prayed for the injured and the martyrs, who were defending their land and people, and wished speedy recovery to the victims.

The fighting lasted for several hours and Al-Shabaab suffered heavy casualties, with many of their soldiers fleeing the dead bodies of their fighters after the group was unable to take the district.

According to VOA, at least 40 al-Shabaab fighters were killed in the fighting, while a number of other fighters were wounded.

Residents of Baxdo also displayed three captured militants.


Galmudug: Al-Shabab fighters defeated in battle in Baxdo

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