President Hassan Sheikh to the Nation: “Prepare For An All-out War Against Al shabab”

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The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who chaired an extraordinary meeting of the National Security Committee this evening, issued a message to the Somali people.

In his speech this evening, the president focused on security, with more emphaises on the attacks by Al-Shabaab, with the latest carried out two night attacks in Mogadishu, and promised to eliminate Al-Shabaab altogether in his term.

The President also talked about the on-going operations in the regions across the country, which he said that his government will succeed on the war on terror.

“We are determined to eradicate terrorism, who are a problem to our people, until they (Al Shabab) are stopped from all the areas they are holding.

This plan is one whose implementation and preparations are ongoing, it is the first priority plan for our government,” said President Hassan Sheikh.

“Somali people, I know you are tired of the constant mourning and heartache. I know that in every terrorist attack, you lose your dearest ones, therefore, I am asking you to prepare for an all-out war against this ruthless group (Al Shabab) who are against our peace and our governance,” the President added.


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