Presidential Candidates Union opposition announces two steps it’ll take to ‘save the country’

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The Union of Candidates says it is clear that the Federal Government and regional administration officials are not interested in holding free and fair elections and therefore are holding a consultative meeting.

A statement from the Union of Candidates announced that they will appoint a committee to organize a upcoming conference with the participation of Somali intellectuals, in what they say, is to save the country.

The Union of Candidates said in a statement that it was committed to ensuring that the country holds free, fair and transparent elections.

“On 30 November 2021, the Union of Presidential Candidates made it clear to the Somali people and the international community that the manner in which the Parliamentary elections began was in violation of all the requirements for transparency and openness, and that the forthcoming elections had been marred by looting,” the statement said.

The council also said in a statement on December 10 that it will convened a national meeting to resolve the dispute.

“It is clear to the council that no one is taking responsibility for stopping the electoral fraud and taking corrective measures. It is also clear that the federal and state government officials are not interested in a fair and transparent election and to save the country from political and security instability, ”the statement said.

The statement added, “The council, fulfilling its responsibility to save the nation and hold fair and transparent elections, is working to convene a national consultative conference. In order to carry out this difficult task, the Council appoints:

1 – Conference Organizing Committee
2 – And the Conference Security Committee”.

This statement from the Union of Presidential Candidates comes after the electoral committee, with the backing of the prime minister, had authorised for elections to resume.

The Union say the electoral process is farce and not transparent with the electing delegates not being selected by clan leaders, but instead, by the Office of the President.

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