Prime Minister Roble appoints 13-member committee ensuring women quota in elections

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Mohamed Hussein Roble, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, has appointed a 13-member committee to campaign for and ensure at least 30% quota for women in both houses of the Federal Parliament of Somalia.

The committee appointed by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble will be tasked with ensuring the quota and representation of women in the Somali Federal Parliament in the upcoming elections.

Chairman of Somali Women Association Ms Batoolo Ahmed Gaballe has been made the committee’s chairperson, with members of the committee including prominent women from civil society and activists in Somalia.

Many analyst say the 30% quota for women in the Federal Parliament will be a difficult challenge with the previous outgoing parliament having had 20% women representatives. 

Nevertheless, the committee will be tasked by the office of the Prime Minister in ensuring that women get at least 30% quota in upcoming both houses of Federal parliament.

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