Prime Minister Roble appoints new Oversight Electoral Commission

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has appointed a high-level technical committee to oversee the country’s upcoming long awaited elections.

The Nominating Committee is comprised of seven members of the Prime Minister’s Advisers and is tasked with overseeing the administration of electoral matters, coordinating the election commissions at the Federal and State levels, financial management and international relations.

The appointment of the new technical committee comes amid renewed criticism from Prime Minister Roble’s opposition, who have called for him not to deviate from the path of neutrality in order to achieve free and fair elections.

Of the seven nominees, two are woman and the other five are men and they are the following:

1-Abdkadir Elmi Ali.
2-Avv Omar Mohamed Abdulle.
3-Fatumo Abdi Ali.
4-Mohamoud Mohamed Roble.
5-Laila Abdikarin Mohamed.
6-Liban Rabile Good.
7-Abdulahi Hashi Hussein.

A decree issued by the Prime Minister’s Office also instructed the commission to immediately fulfill its mandate, as elections are now underway.

Somalia is now entering a parliamentary and presidential election after an agreement was in a recent political meetings chaired by Mohamed Hussein Roble in the capital Mogadishu with Federal State Members.

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