Prime Minister Roble discusses the process of selecting delegates

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mohamed Hussein Roble, today met with the Federal, State and Dispute Resolution Electoral Commissions in order to rectify some misunderstanding’s in the electoral process.

The Prime Minister discussed with the Committees issues related to the process, implementation and transparency of the elections, the process of selecting delegates, the role of culture and civil society, co-operation between the commissions, women’s quotas, election expenses and more.

The Prime Minister urged the commissions to expedite the upcoming elections, urging them to work closely together, noting that they have promised to start the second phase of the elections as soon as possible, and to ensure that the elections are free and fair.

Mohamed Hussein Roble who spoke about the election of seats in the House of the People said that each seat in the House of Representatives will be selected by 101 delegates, and those delegates will be selected by traditional elders and civil society.

Prime Minister Roble’s meeting with the electoral commissions comes at a time when the National Consultative Assembly has recently issued a controversial procedure for the election of members of Parliament, which will give more power to regional administration leaders.

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