Prime Minister Roble gives strict order to ATMIS ahead of tomorrow’s parliament speaker elections

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has ordered ATMIS troops to immediately take over the security of the Afisiyoni Election tent, ahead of tomorrow’s parliamentary elections.

“Considering the security challenges that are hampering the completion of the elections, I have instructed ATMIS peacekeepers to immediately take over the security of the Afisiyoni election tent so that we can secure the parliamentary elections and prepare for next month’s presidential election,” Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said in a statement.

“The ATMIS leadership will work closely with my office and the Ministries of Security and Defense as well as the Speaker of Parliament,” Prime Minister Roble added.

“Therefore, the list of MPs entering Afisiyoni Election tent will be submitted by the interim chairman of Parliament, who will then confirm and submit it to ATMIS office.”

Prime Minister Roble’s move comes amid fears that tomorrow’s parliamentary elections could be disrupted, amid reports that outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is pursuing such a plan.

The chairman of the organizing committee for the election of the speaker of the parliament, Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, said today that the parliament building in Villa Hargeisa has been closed by the Somali police commissioner.

Chairman Abdirizak Omar Mohamed said Police Commander Hijar had ordered them not to operate in the Villa Hargeisa Parliament compound, as they were initially facing security and operational challenges.

“As a committee, we have worked hard in the past few days knowing that our security is at stake” said Abdirizak.

Somali Police Force Commander and Chairman of the Electoral Security Committee Abdi Hassan Mohamed Hijar, denied the allegations.

Hijaar also denied that the police had barred the interim speaker of parliament from the Election tent yesterday, where some of the new parliamentarians, the newly elected represenatives in Elwak, were to be sworn in. 

Meanwhile, outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo issued a six-point statement entitled, “Operation ATMIS operates in accordance with the electoral security procedures agreed upon by the National Consultative Forum.”

In a statement issued hours ago by the Villa Somalia Office, Farmajo said ATMIS would not take over the security of Afisyoni tent Elections.

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo also recommended excluding members of his clan from the Gedo region for the election.

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