Prime Minister Roble: I am committed to holding free and fair elections in the country

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Speaking at the closing ceremony of the September 17th National Consultative Council meeting to finalize the agreement, Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble thanked all parties involved in the election and expressed gratitude for the compromise and putting the country’s interests ahead of private.

Prime Minister Roble said all points of contention have been agreed upon, including in the case of Gedo, the electoral process in the northern regions, vetting the structure of electoral commissions at the federal and state levels as well as the security of the country’s elections.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble pledged that his government would make every effort to ensure free and fair elections in the country, calling on all electoral stakeholders and the Somali community to play their part in making the elections a success for the country and to overcome the political and security challenges it faces.

The Prime Minister also said his government was committed to protecting the quota for Somali women in government.

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