Prime Minister Roble issues new statement on Ikran Tahlil case

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The Office of the Prime Minister of Somalia has issued a statement on a meeting today that Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble held with missing National Intelligience Service Agency (NISA) official Ikran Tahliil Farah’s family.

Government spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Maalim said in a statement that during a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office today, Ikran Tahlil’s family had expressed concern over alleged obstacles to the military court’s prosecution that was assigned to investigate the case.

“Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble today received in his office members of Ikran’s family, including her mother Qaali Mohamud Guhaad, who had pleaded to the Prime Minister to meet with them in which the Prime Minister accepted. “They have filed a complaint against the challenges they say are facing the Prosecution of the Military Court, to move the case forward, and for an independent and fair investigation,” spokesman Maalimuu said in a statement.

The spokesman also said that Prime Minister Roble reiterated this afternoon that he would not negotiate in the Ikran case and was committed to getting justice one day, sooner or later.

“Prime Minister Roble acknowledged the plight of Ikran Tahlil’s family. The culprits involved in the case will be arrested, ”a government spokesman said in a statement.

Lawmaker Amina Mohamed Abdi and Ikran Tahlil’s mother, Mama Qaali Mohamud Guhaad, told the media tonight that the military court had informed them that the investigation into the case had failed.

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