Prime Minister Roble issues statement on today’s ‘one sided’ election in Air force base (Afisiyooni)

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble has congratulated the members of the Somaliland Electoral Commission (SEIT) on their election on Saturday.

The Prime Minister urged the members of the elected board to expedite the elections as soon as possible in collaboration with the Federal Electoral Commission (FEIT).

Prime Minister Roble said he would continue discussions with Somaliland politicians led by Governor Abdi Hashi and Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled.

Prime Minister Roble’s statement comes at a time when a one-sided election has taken place in the Afisiyooni Tent, formally Somali Air force base, and the election was not attended by members who supported the Speaker of the Upper House.

Meanwhile, Four members of the same Northern Regional Electoral Commission have also today elected a new chairman and deputy chairman after upon hearing that the Deputy Prime Minister’s Electoral Commission elected a new chairman.

Abdi Hashi’s faction in the northern regional selection committee re-elected Suleiman Aideed Osman as chairman, and Abdishakur Abib Hayir as deputy chairman.

The move appears to be in response to the vote at the Afisiyooni Tent by the federal government and the federal election commission with their presence.

Khadar Hiriir Hussein was selected as the chairman of Mahdi Guled’s wing, while Najib Hussein Samatar emerged as the deputy chairman after defeating Amal, according to the Federal Electoral Commission.

The main points of contention are according to our sources: Abdi Hashi wants an agreement on the election of the chairman, while the other wing lead by Mahdi Guled and PM Roble are accused of taking advantage due to having large number of members within the commission.

On Abdi Hashi’s side there are only four members on the committee. Although Guled himself has four members, he is joined by three other nominees by the prime minister who are leaning towards Mahdi Guuled’s wing.

It is the second election to take place in Mogadishu today from the same electoral committee.

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