Prime Minister Roble issues stern order to Finance Minister

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A statement from Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has ordered that no payments be made from the IMF account for the Federal Government’s SRDs, without the approval of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The letter of order sent to the Ministry of Finance on September 9th was also notified to the Accountant General, the Governor of the Central Bank and the National Auditor General.

The Prime minister said given the country’s transition, it is important to pay extra more attention to the Federal Government’s spending system and the use of the IMF’s SRDs.

Prime Minister Roble’s statement instructed the Ministry of Finance that the salaries of soldiers and staff, military rations, projects and other expenses necessary for government services must first be approved by the Prime Minister, before any payment is made.

This statement from the Prime Minister’s level come’s ahead of the strong disagreement between the President and the Prime Minister, and with reports that finance minister is aligned with the President, which has become a dilemma for Prime Minister Roble.

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