Prime Minister Roble issues update on the upcoming parliamentary elections

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Mohamed Hussein Roble, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, addressed a special dinner hosting the Somali committee representatives who had returned back from the Hague after the maritime case verdict against Kenya. 

Prime Minister Roble announced that the election of members of the lower house will take place soon, and should begin by next week, he said.

The prime minister noted that elections for the 46 northern seats in the next parliament will take place in Mogadishu.

He added that he had discussed the matter with the speaker of the upper house and the country’s deputy prime minister, and promised to expedite the election.

He also stressed that his government was putting in extra effort to complete the election and to utilize the short time remaining.

“Every night I pray that the election will end as soon as possile in a transparent manner and that no one will be harmed” said Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble regarding the elections.

The statement comes as some regional administration leaders are still reluctant to hold parliamentary elections, and it is noteworthy that Jubbaland and Galmudug have not yet completed the election of members of Somalia’s Upper House, frustuating both the opposition, civil society and the Somali public.

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