Prime Minister Roble meets with ICJ Maritime Case Commission

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble met in his office with a delegation from the Federal Government of Somalia representing the maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya.

Prime Minister Roble congratulated the delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled Khadar on their good work and achievements for the nation.

The delegation returned to the capital Mogadishu today and were warmly recieved by the Federal Government of Somalia and the people of Somalia on the victory in the Somali-Kenyan maritime dispute.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who received the delegation this morning at the Presidential Palace also praised the historic role they have played in this national issue and how the commitment will set an example in the field of national defense to the future generations.

The President and the Committee prayed together, Eng. Mohamed Omar Salihi who wished to witness the fruits of his efforts in this case, praising and thanking the Somali lawyers and experts who stood up for our maritime defense. first Drs. Muna Sharmaan.

The President of the Republic and the Committee then prayed for Engineer Mohamed Omar Salihi, who was a lawyer in the maritime case and had passed away before the judgement verdict, and wished that he could have witnessed the fruits of his efforts in the case, praising and thanking all Somali lawyers involved and experts who stood up for our maritime defense such as Drs. Muna Sharmaan.

The committee’s visit to the Prime Minister’s office was accompanied by the Second Deputy Speaker of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament, Mahad Abdalla Awad, the Governor of Benadir Region Omar Mohamud Mohamed and the Minister of Finance Abdirahman Duale Beyle.

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