Prime Minister Roble meets with the country’s financial institutions

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Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble today met with the country’s financial institutions, including the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and the Accountant General, as he tightens the country’s financial management.

According to a statement from the prime minister’s office, the meeting is part of his mandate to monitor, hold accountable and coordinate the work of government agencies.

“The meeting discussed transparency in the financial management system, maintaining the payment of salaries and expenses of the ministries and other state institutions, strengthening cooperation among activities and accelerate debt forgiveness,” the statement read.

The letter of order sent to the Ministry of Finance on September 9th was also notified to the Accountant General, the Governor of the Central Bank and the National Auditor General.

The Prime Minister also specifically banned the use of IMF funds in the Federal Government’s SDRs without his consent.

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