Prime Minister Roble reacts strongly to Amisom’s recent killing of civilians

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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble spoke for the first time about the massacre of civilians by AMISOM forces in the town of Golweyn in the Lower Shabelle region on August 10th.

The Prime Minister has summoned Ambassador of Uganda in Somalia and African Union forces, and has discussed the problem prior to the event in the brutal slaughter of civilians, who are yet to be buried.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Prime Minister Roble said that a ministerial-level committee has been appointed to investigate the tragic incident by AMISOM forces against the people of Golweyn.

“It is a disgrace and we are deeply saddened. Today, the Ambassador of Uganda and the AMISOM Command have sent their condolences to me. We do not accept anyone to cause harm to the Somali people” said Prime Minister Roble.

He said a commission had been set up to investigate the killings, and that they would share the findings with the public as soon as possible.

“I have appointed a committee of ministers, including the Minister of Security, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Interior, who will meet tomorrow with the Ugandan Ambassador and the AMISOM Command. They will discuss the matter. The accused are being held and will be arraigned in court, and we will follow up with Amisom, and we will share the outcome with the public later, ”he added.

Since the 10th of this month, relatives of those killed in Golweyn have been demanding justice and AMISOM troops acknowledging their plight, saying that in meetings with AMISOM officials they have been reluctant to admit the atrocities, and relatives have vowed the bodies of those in sacks will not be buried until they find someone to take responsibility for their deaths.

They staged large demonstrations in Mogadishu, Golweyn and other towns in the two Shabelle regions, and with protestors loudly stating that AMSIOM had not considered them and that “it was unacceptable”.

AMSIOM killed seven people in Golweyn on the 10th of this month, and then it is reported to have detonated a landmine on the civilians as retaliation , which left their bodies mutilated and their bags still intact in refrigerator’s, according to relatives of the victims.

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