Prime Minister Roble receives a delegation led by Amina J Mohammed

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The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia HE Mohamed Hussein Roble received in his office a high level delegation from the United Nations led by the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations HE Amina Jane Momamed.

The meeting, attended by leaders of the National Consultative Council, has addressed including developments in Somalia, elections, security, economic development, social issues.

The Prime Minister shared with the UN delegation the progress made in the electoral process and its commitment to making it safe, transparent and non-violent, noting that most states have now almost completed election of members of the Upper House.

The Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to ensure a 30% quota for women in the House of Representatives, by appointing a special committee.

“We are determined that the election will take place on time, and that it will not impact other issues,” he said, adding that he hoped the election of members of parliament would begin in the coming days for Somaliland representatives.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble also he was committed to bringing justice for the family of presumed murdered National Intelligence Agency staff member Ikran Tahlil, 

A statement from his office said: “Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said it was the government’s responsibility to bring justice to the Ikran Tahlil Farah family, noting that her murder should not be politicized.

Talks between outgoing president Farmaajo and Prime Minister Roble broke down last night after the president demanded that the Ikraan family be compensated and the case be closed immediately, while Prime Minister Roble said a military court would investigate the case and bring it to justice.

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